The only way to dispatch.

Our clients challenged us to build a Dispatch (CAD) program that is intuitive to use, has features and functionalities not present in competitive offerings, and integrates with AdvanceClaim™ as well as other third party applications. In response, we developed AdvanceDispatch™, a transport services system that is customizable to meet each individual client's specific needs.

The AdvanceDispatch™ Internet portal provides EMS departments and private transport services a cost-effective means to manage their dispatch and tracking. The system was designed from the ground up for services just like yours.

AdvanceDispatch™ is the first and only web-based dispatch system to achieve Platinum certification and integration with Priority Dispatch’s ProQA Paramount product. The integration of ProQA Paramount and AdvanceDispatch™ technology optimizes real-time technology, allowing for the most efficient and direct dispatch communication.


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Save Time

Intuitive and efficient interface makes dispatching quick and easy.

Save Money

Payment plans customized to your needs.

Eliminate Hassle

Full training and ongoing support provide the best user experience.

Newest Features

Continuous updates so you always use the latest software.