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Our clients challenged us to develop an EMS Billing application that is radically better and more intuitive than anything on the market today, so we developed AdvanceClaim™. Constructed from our clients perspective, our web-based application provides EMS organizations with a cost-effective means to run their businesses more efficiently through the access of a seamless, integrated workflow system that contains all the tools and information necessary to manage the complete patient cycle, from emergency response to claims reimbursement.

New Features

Customizable Reporting:

This function has an easy-to-use tagging feature, to pull data you want to see.

Sarah1 - Reports

Sarah3 - Intelligent Eligibility Checks

Patient Insurance Search:

Don’t have a patient’s insurance information? Intelligent eligibility searches major payer databases for a patient’s coverage.

Save Time

From the integrated clearinghouse service to the insurance and address validation capabilities, AdvanceClaim™ is a one-stop-shop billing application created to support your complex business process in the timeliest and most efficient way. AdvanceClaim™ Version 2 (V2) incorporates AdvanceWorkflow™, a business process automation tool, to save you even more time.

Save Money

In addition to being a cost-efficient solution, the web-based platform saves your organization money by reducing claim rejections, improving collections, and lowering the cost of operations. Learn more

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Eliminate Hassle

Our web-based solution allows you to access patient data over the Internet anytime, anywhere, from a computer, smart phone or tablet. Our SaaS (software as a service) platform keeps you server free, requires no IT resources on your end, and comes with a 24/7 access guarantee. AdvanceClaim™ meets all necessary HIPPA and HITECH security requirement, with backups, disaster recovery and geo-replicated data stores to ensure redundancy. Learn more